Quality Pilates Instruction on the Central Coast, NSW

We are a small, welcoming Pilates studio located in downtown Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW, overlooking the park. We believe in individual attention, which is why there are never more than five people in a class. Whether your needs include rehabilitation in a one on one session, or simply maintaining your strength and flexibility in a Reformer class, we have a qualified and experienced teacher for you. All of our teachers complete continuing education courses each year to ensure they are up to date with the latest evidence in anatomy and physiology relating to Pilates.


Monique discovered Pilates after suffering from a back injury while working as a professional dancer in the late 90s. Amazed by the effectiveness of Pilates to rehabilitate the body, Monique started teaching in 2001. She is certified in both the Classical Method, and also the STOTT Pilates Method which is a more contemporary approach.

Monique is certified in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels and also Injuries and Special Populations such as Osteoperosis and Pre/Post Natal clients. Although Pilates is her passion, Monique is also certified in Yoga, Classical Ballet and Barre, TRX, Fascial Ball Release and small props such as Foam Roller, Theraband, Circle and Bosu. After training and teaching overseas for a long time, she is happy to be home on the Central Coast in her own studio.

Monique Teaches Pilates Central Coast

Monique Arundell – Studio Owner


Sarah attended her first Pilates class over 20 years ago and since then she’s been hooked. She has trained in Stott Pilates in:

Mat: Essential-Advanced | Reformer: Essential-Advanced | Cadillac | Chair & Barrel | Barre | Injures & Special Populations

Having a passion for ballet and movement, Sarah loves helping clients regain or improve their health and wellbeing with Pilates. Her classes provide a full body workout with a strong emphasis on technique and breathing. She would rather see an exercise performed correctly twice than incorrectly 10 times.

Something you probably don’t know about Sarah is that she has a pet pig called Rosie.

Monique Teaches Pilates Central Coast

Sarah Proud


Pilates (especially reformer) has been part of Kelly’s exercise regime for over 10 years. Before Pilates Kelly experienced lower back pain and was advised by her osteopath that she needed to strengthen her core. She signed up at her local Pilates studio and has never looked back. Kelly is qualified and professionally trained through Studio Pilates. Kelly’s emphasis whilst teaching is for clients to perform all exercises with correct form but also likes her clients to break a sweat and get a great workout.
Kelly’s favourite Pilates exercise is plank to pike on the toes on the Reformer.
Monique Teaches Pilates Central Coast

Kelly Toth


Melissa has been teaching Pilates across Sydney for the last 20 years,  in 2014 she sold her studio to move up the Central Coast. She has experience working alongside physiotherapists in the rehab environment and has also worked with athletes, dancers and women and men of all abilities. Melissa is certified Polestar Pilates Teacher, and was a Polestar Pilates educator and mentor for five years. She is also a master trainer for Runity as a running coach.
Melissa loves facilitating retreats on the Central Coast and Bali, and is passionate about teaching Mindfulness and Meditation.
Monique Teaches Pilates Central Coast

Melissa Wright



Whether it is for body maintenance, rehabilitation or fun, Pilates is for you. It is a safe form or exercise when taught by a qualified instructor. Pilates is for everyone, no matter your age or fitness level. As long as your doctor says it’s ok, Pilates is for you.

Pilates is an innovative system of exercises using a variety of equipment, now used by physiotherapists, dancers and athletes around the world to keep the correct muscles strong and flexible, for rehabilitation or for simply staying toned and fit. It has evolved over the last 100 years from the original principles of a man named Joseph Pilates. More and more people have become addicted to Pilates over the years as it transforms the way you walk, move, look and feel.

To find out more about what pilates can do for you, read about our Private and Group Classes.